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The following years have brought forth various innovations of their own: a rear-ventilated ETICS with building authority approval, various roof and wall systems, floor panels and accessory products, some patented and installed in many properties. 

The marketing of innovative building systems also presented us with challenges. Therefore, from 2000 onwards, we planned individual family passive houses for customers throughout Germany ourselves and handed them over ready for occupancy. In recent years, these were primarily PlusEnergy houses. They were realised with the shell construction systems we developed and manufactured ourselves and with our own construction team. 

isolux,, Über uns

This isolux plus energy passive house was already built in 2016 near Nürnberg with drywall-concrete composite columns.

In 20 years of building activity, we have gained extensive experience with different construction and insulation systems, with variants of building services, with concept development and with the marketing of PlusEnergy passive houses. This has now been incorporated into the innovative isolux-wall technology with composite columns. 

isolux,, Über uns

isolux building systems

Our company "isolux" was founded in 1994 with many ideas and the claim to enable the more urgent environmental protection with affordable solar, building and insulation systems.
Because society and our climate can only be helped by widespread application. 

isolux,, Über uns
isolux,, Burkhart Schurig

With the new technology our vision becomes true.
The plus energy passive house is affordable for everyone 

Dipl.-Ing. Burkhart Schurig, owner

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