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isolux,, Anwendung

Construction and application

The isolux-wall technology meets all requirements for exterior and interior walls, from simple room closure to higher requirements for statics, thermal, sound or fire protection. The heavily insulated exterior walls are particularly economical and make a traditional heating system obsolete!

Finished elements directly to the construction site

Simple and quick assembly

Own construction site technology not necessary

Space for installations integrated in system

The building system is scalable on all sides. 

The staged modular system with dimensionally accurate mass products requires low one-off investments in production and enables variable customer and market-related applications for all climatic, static and monetary needs worldwide. 

isolux-wall serves the industrial and private residential construction sectors as well as the DIY sector. Quotation preparation, house-related construction planning and the entire construction process are largely automated. External service providers primarily take over the shell construction (or the construction of the steel skeleton) at a fixed price, who then also bring the necessary special profiles. 


One system for all applications!

isolux,, Anwendung

The isolux-wall technology is internationally patented or patent pending.
We are looking for investment partners and licensees for industrialization.

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